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How to Catch a Star giveaway and freebies ... a fabulous book not just for children :) xxx

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Okay, time to come clean, being a parent and a primary teacher in a previous life I had heard of this book and own others by the same author, but until now I had not actually got around to reading How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jefffers.

A bit of a sneaky thing here for my lovely readers, the anniversary book above is released on 27th March 2014, but carry on reading and I have a copy in my hands here to giveaway ... You can't wait and need a copy now? Just CLICK HERE

So, having not read this book, when the box of How to Catch a Star goodies arrived, Alex was straight in it as you can see below, and was reading away in the middle of the kitchen floor!!! And again in the sitting room, and I saw him sneaking away with it to his room too :)

After finally getting hold of the book and at last reading the story myself, I can see why it is a firm favorite and is now celebrating 10 years.  How on earth did I miss this glorious book?

The illustrations are truly stunning, even Emily who is 2 keeps going back to the book and pointing and saying star! I have a feeling this evening we will be stargazing ... I have just cut her sandwich into a star shape ;)

Image taken from the authors site 

In this enchanting book it is not just the picture, it is the text too. There is something captivating about it, it fires up the imagination, even from just the opening lines ...

"Once there was a boy and the boy loved stars very much. Every night he watched the stars from his window and wished he had one of his very own..." 

The possibilities! Home schooling or if you are a teacher, this text would be a brilliant starting point:
  • Freeze frame what happens next?  
  • Hot seat the boy or even the star! 
  • What do you think will happen next? 
  • What would you do if you were the little boy? 
  • What would your own star look like? 
  • Have you seen a star? 
  • Bake some stars..
(I could go on forever lol)

This text would be such a fabulous topic, to name just a few it  links to science and space, art, pshe talking about your feelings about something that is yours. In the early years it covers all 7 areas of learning, I can imagine a nursery setting now creating stars, dancing and singing and a role play area to match! And this lovely reader is only through the first few lines!!!

The story continues with the boy waiting to see the first star appear in the sky after sunset, he tries to reach said star and eventually through various efforts does get a star of his own.
Well something star shaped - that is all I am saying ;)

A beautiful beautiful story, not just children I would argue;)

Not just for children? I would argue this captures imaginations at any age. Plus do you write, paint, create or journal? I know many of you that read my blog do.

Take a look at this, Oliver Jeffers studio...

Swoon! Oh to have a space like that to create!

Oh go on then, want to meet the author?  This is THE most amazing video, I defy anyone to not want to go out and turn their journals into picture books.  Inspired. Energy. Passion. What a wonderful author and illustrator. And this my dear friends, all from a 'childrens' picture book.

Alex watched this and disappeared with his journal and pens to write a storybook!

For me this really resonates as wherever I go I take my journal and a pencil to jot things, scribble or doodle. For me this is an epiphany moment, this is what real artists do! yay!

Now if that didn't inspire you, just have a read about how Oliver came about the idea for How to Catch a Star I hate the word but how AWESOME is this!

As mentioned above, I have a copy of the 10th anniversary book to giveaway. So, how can you win a copy for yourself, as a gift or for a friend?

Easy, answer this simple question by commenting below or leaving a message on any of my social media where this post is shared.

Which Oliver Jeffers book is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year?
a) The Day the Crayons Quit
b) The Incredible Book Eating Boy
c) How to Catch a Star

As a little extra as some of you may already have this book at home, how about a little star inspired gift from my shop too. What is the star that the boy takes home at the end of the book? 

Good luck and get your comments in by Tuesday 25th March 2014 so the book can be sent out to you by the 27th.

Ahem ... You mentioned freebies? Ah yes, to download your free pdf pack of colouring, mobile to make, puppets and more click here

Emily rather enjoyed the colouring in, as you will see from the video she soon picked up the ideas!


How to Catch a Star by Oliver Jefffers, 10th anniversary edition out 27th March 2014. Available to buy by clicking the link HERE

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I have more than enjoyed discovering this book and Oliver Jeffers.
I am now off to journal, daydream and catch my lunch with a bow and arrow ;)


Carie said...

It looks wonderful - my two little ladies love Oliver Jeffers books but we don't have How to Catch a Star so I'm going to say the answer is (c) and cross my fingers!

claire said...

What a beautiful book! And a beautiful post too, thank you for sharing. The answer is c and I have my fingers crossed too! x

sustainablemum said...

We love Oliver Jeffers too but have not read this book yet. Would love to have a copy, so here is hoping we can the answer is C :)

Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

maci234 said...

c) How to Catch a Star

mummy24 said...

c) How to Catch a Star


Alana Walker said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Sophie Hedley said...

How to Catch a Star is the answer! x

Chris said...

c) How to Catch a Star ooohhh how Jake would love this

Laura Asplin said...

Answer is c. would love this for my nephew

dragon60 said...

fab book, How to catch a star, would love it for my grandchildren.

clairew137 said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Patricia Avery said...

c) How to Catch a Star :)

Jackie ONeill said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Steph Lovatt said...

c) How to catch a Star

Kirsten said...

C) How to Catch a Star

Dessallara said...

c) How to Catch a Star

krizim feltham said...

C) How to catch a star. We just saw the theatre stage version but didn't know the book, it was wonderful totally recommend it!

rugmaker said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Blake Ahearne said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Helen Allan said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Lani Nash said...

The answer is c) How to Catch a Star

Clare Stringer said...

the answer is (c) a star, and the star that the little boy takes home at the end is a starfish - we love Oliver Jeffers, and recently discovered the book he illustrated "The Day the Crayons Quit" which is fabulous.

Chantelle Kemp said...

The answer is c) How to Catch a Star
I love this book.. really hope I win it!!

Michelle Kinsey said...

How to catch a star x

Natalie Crossan said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Emma said...

How to catch a Star! C! :)

Anonymous said...

c) how to catch a star

Chanise Kemp said...

C - How to catch a star

soozybee said...

c) How to Catch a Star

Gail Bennett said...

c) How to Catch a Star


Gail Bennett said...

... and the star that the little boy takes home at the end is a starfish! :-)

ammaline said...

c. How to Catch a Star

Holly Boyd said...

c) How to Catch a Star