Friday, 30 August 2013

R is for readings ... #paganblogproject

Readings are something I am passionate about, I have been offering them for many many years to friends.
For the first time as of this year I have been offering them further afield in return for payment or exchange or services.
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I use various oracles, decks, staves, runes or just intuition if there is a message.  I enjoy the Pagan based decks especially Will Worthington illustrated decks and they are a joy to view, often hidden images are found or details not previously noticed suddenly jump out - images that can offer insight, further guidance and connection to spirit.

But a reading? What does it do?

Hmm, firstly law stipulates that any mention of a reading I have to shout from the roof top it is for entertainment only.  Annoying when you offer such a service and have a gift.  But then you have to look at why.  With so many pressures and challenges in life many people become reliant on readings or a sign in the cards or tea leaves, rather than make a choice or leap of faith on their own.  It becomes addictive.  Again why? Quite simply you say cards, fortune telling  - ah predicting the future  ... and there you have it.  That magickal reading that will tell you what happens next and suddenly all pressure and anxiety has gone and if you keep trying different readings you may get that magickal elixir that brings lifelong money, health and happiness ...

NO, this is not what a reading does.

I define it as a means of clarifying or even realising your options, what paths are open to you.  Not what to do next or what may happen next, just stating where you are NOW. The present.
For so many people this has been the key to change, that moment for the first time where they take stock.
Rather than become focused on the future, it is the first time they have stopped, in the present and said right, this is where I am, this is what my options are, now I have that information I can choose of my own free will where I choose to go next.  The fogginess clears and the preoccupation of future become the here and now.

This is just my view on readings and how I have worked with people, enjoyed the elation and result sit has given them.

So what happens then?
Some people require an object or question before doing a reading.  I usually work with nothing.  If however, you have a specific question that is absolutely fine.
Once a reading is requested I will connect and clear my mind, I will feel drawn to a specific deck, oracle or a message will make itself known.  I will then meditate on this and relay back in person, by email or very soon via mp3 and Skype.

Again this is just my own approach.
I hope you have enjoyed R this week, don't forget the blog is 1 year old on Tuesday so pop along, follow the Facebook Page and look out for the giveaways, competitions and freebies


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