Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Full Moon and crystals...

I received a lovely message this morning from a new follower on the Facebook page (you know who you are and thankyou!) asking do I do anything with crystals and the full moon?

Yes I do, what a fab question so I thought I would share on here.

When it is full moon it is a good time to cleanse and charge any crystals that you use.  Energy can become stagnant or lacking, so this is a quick way to put a bit of zing back into the energy levels.

I regularly use clear and rose quartz, they are very good at balancing and dealing with any negative energy that is lurking.  At full moon time I wash the crystals with rain water and place them in a hand thrown bowl that sits on a windowsill that gets the full moonlight flood in across it.

By doing this I have physically cleaned them and they can charge from the moonlight.
I often find the following morning when I go near the crystals my hands are tingly, the same as when I perform Reiki.

Please note there are many different ways to do this, this is just what I do! But please do feel free to add in the comments below what you do, I always like to hear other rituals or practices.


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