Friday, 28 June 2013

M is for making #paganblogproject

This week I am looking at M for 'making' as a topic because as a pagan I 'try' to reuse or recycle, use raw ingredients and keep it simple or be thrifty where I can.

I will usually try and forage, freegle or scavenge too, often meaning the making is free! For any extras I find the poundshops and The Works are great places to top up.

For example, this week we made the second batch of elderflower champagne; free elderflowers' and other bits that are usually in the cupboard anyway. Quick search on Google and there is a bottle for £20... I made 4 bottles costing no more than £5 in total, including the wire top bottles I put them in!

For recipe visit Mistletoeoak Recipe Page

I will often make something myself rather than buy the item:
I had a look around on the net and there are some gorgeous crane bags, but many over £70. They are more than worth the price as the workmanship is breath taking, but for me, that would be a luxury item. So,instead I recycled a dress I had hiding in the cupboard. Click here to see post on the crane bag  
Free bag, customised to what I needed - job done. 

 And with the kids we will make toys and adventures.

Tarp, old foil sheet and a washing basket - done!

Leaf art, lots of fun and free. 
Visit For Little Beans for more and a video of child 1 using a homemade bow and arrow

Great sources for 'making' your own are: the forum is beyond helpful great way to recycle and have fun outside and using natural resources
Books by Glennie Kindred and Steiner Books are excellent sources for ideas and inspiration
Food for Free by Richard Mabey is a superb reference, along with the River Cottage course Edible Hedgerow 

Some class this as being old fashioned and that is fine by me! The fun and memories we all have whilst 'making' could never be bought in a shop.

Till next weeks #paganblogproject post


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